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i'm not a gud person..i'm oso not a bad guy..
if u noe me better.den u'll noe me more..
i wil b gud if u gud to me..
n i wil b more bad if u bad to me..
im Deggie Terbee..my birth date is 17 january 1990..im purely iban from Lundu..im a god lover.i love my God and proud to be Christian.Jesus Christ..

i love my dear so much..she iz my everything..miz u so much dear..my lif3 is so wonderful wif u..we start couple on 9 may 2010..hopely our relationship will be long last,..
♥ sandra mitz ♥

7 Jul 2010

neW sem 4 me..^_^

wahh..its been a while im not realize that im in sem 5..after done my LI(Industrial training) for about 5 months, now im ready to continue my study on sem5..for the 1st week.its seem that my study flow smoothly as i aspect..even the lecturer teaching us is quite nice and easy to catch up..hopefully i can make it to the end of this sem 5....

as well my study begin, now im gonna be busy and doesn't have enough time to enjoy and making fun....but for my girlfriend, im gonna be so sorry if i got no much time to hang around and chit chat..i know she will understood.hopefully...

above figure was my schedule for this sem..really like it even there is some time my class both at morning until evening..

by deggie terbee.



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