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i'm not a gud person..i'm oso not a bad guy..
if u noe me better.den u'll noe me more..
i wil b gud if u gud to me..
n i wil b more bad if u bad to me..
im Deggie Terbee..my birth date is 17 january 1990..im purely iban from Lundu..im a god lover.i love my God and proud to be Christian.Jesus Christ..

i love my dear so much..she iz my everything..miz u so much dear..my lif3 is so wonderful wif u..we start couple on 9 may 2010..hopely our relationship will be long last,..
♥ sandra mitz ♥

25 Mar 2010

Transcend Storage Data

This is my external storage....its brand is TRANSCEND..I don noe if it is a high brand..juz buy it to store my anime collection and others file..

about its price, im quite 4got..but i thnk it is aroung RM2++.++...i bought it during raya festival..i thnk year 2009..it is along wif the usb..

about the skin, it is a rubber skin..i like it coz dat won't affect the storage wen it is fallen or broken down..wif dis storage, i managed to store a lot of file such as my photo, anime file and movie file, other application and some games..

For more picture click this link : Transcend Storage Data Pictures

Valentine Present Memory ( Teddy Bear )

Teddy Bear......
Price : RM 68.00

I bought it on 4 February at Batu Kawa Newtownship, Kuching

At first i don't know what type of gift to give for valentine day.. I check my budget and gladly I'm manage to buy one.

For my love..i buy that gift for valentine day.. This is my first gift..
Even though i quite shy to buy it..futher, I'm a boy..so shy wanna buy it for my lover

Susah gak mok fikir hal malu malu ni..apa apa pun.hadiah valentine sudah ku beli..
rasa sesangat puas hati..harap hadiah ini dihargai dan kenangan yang sangat menarik.

for more picture..just go to Memories Pictures
or click into this link : Memories Pictures

I Believe In Him Jesus Christ

we need to be very clear in understanding who Jesus is and what he has done for us, in order that we might confidently place our faith in him. he bridged the chasm separating us from god. in the apostle john’s words: “for god so loved the world that he gave his one and only son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life” (john 3:16).

Jesus was not just a good man, a great teacher, an inspired prophet. he came to earth as the son of god. he was born to a virgin. he led a sinless life. he died. he was buried. he rose again on the third day. he ascended into heaven where he became both lord and Christ.

Jesus’ death and resurrection on our behalf satisfied god’s requirement – complete provision for our sin. this Jesus, and he alone, is qualified to be the remedy for my sin and yours.


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