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i'm not a gud person..i'm oso not a bad guy..
if u noe me better.den u'll noe me more..
i wil b gud if u gud to me..
n i wil b more bad if u bad to me..
im Deggie Terbee..my birth date is 17 january 1990..im purely iban from Lundu..im a god lover.i love my God and proud to be Christian.Jesus Christ..

i love my dear so much..she iz my everything..miz u so much dear..my lif3 is so wonderful wif u..we start couple on 9 may 2010..hopely our relationship will be long last,..
♥ sandra mitz ♥

10 Jul 2010

♥ L.O.V.3 ♥


we noe its hard to elaborate wat the real mean of luv is......
its begin wen we feel being luv..
feel dat we r not alone..
being luv is so great..
it may change us..
hw hard it is, luv wil make it easy to handle..
the power dat human knot measure hw strong it is..

luv is kind a fertiliser..
it make a flower grow nicely n colorfully..
luv is kind a star..
bright n shine in the nite..
luv is kind a oxygen..
make us breath all of our life..
luv is kind a everythnk..
n wifout it,.we wil neva survive...

but LOVE..
luv make us feel too excited..
luv make us wanna do sumthnk wrong..
n juz bcoz of dat..
we suffer all....
luv is blind bcoz we juz thnk the best side of our lover n don care hw bad he/she is...
luv is blind bcoz we don care bout wat was others say bout our lover...
luv is blind bcoz we r so stupid..stupid bcoz, juz bcoz of our lover, we r so blind......

luv is heaven wen we luv Him much den we luv or lover..
luv is hell wen we 4get everythnk juz bcoz of our lover..
dats is the true luv..
n dat luv wil be last 4eva....


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