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i'm not a gud person..i'm oso not a bad guy..
if u noe me better.den u'll noe me more..
i wil b gud if u gud to me..
n i wil b more bad if u bad to me..
im Deggie Terbee..my birth date is 17 january 1990..im purely iban from Lundu..im a god lover.i love my God and proud to be Christian.Jesus Christ..

i love my dear so much..she iz my everything..miz u so much dear..my lif3 is so wonderful wif u..we start couple on 9 may 2010..hopely our relationship will be long last,..
♥ sandra mitz ♥

22 Apr 2010

♍ Motocr0ss stAte competitiOn..18.4.2010 ♍

Motocross championship…at Kpg stungkor, Lundu..18 april 2010..event pada hari itu dirasmikan oleh dun Mas Gading, yb datuk dr tiki lafe…this event was the state competition..mostly the winner goes to miri and limbang…..nice show by the way..=)

Sempat gak kami pegi meda acara nya..fuhhh…from 9 am until 5 pm….whole day at the competition….hot and tired….but cloudy in the evenink..we thought its gonna be rain..but..there still a bit sunny..hehehe..rely rely fun…..

The competition is divided into 3 part..

a. Novis motocross

b. Veteran motocross

c. Free standing competition

Link Gambar : pic' sEkitaR p3neRimaAn hAdiaH..♻

m3riAh di pErLumbAan..۶٩(•̮̮̃•̃)۶٩


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